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What are the benefits of FizzyJamz®?

Here are the key benefits of Fizzyjamz® and why you should launch Fizzyjamz® at your location.

Unique exercise program

FizzyJamz® is not mainstream and the beauty of this is that you can offer this exclusive exercise program that provides top quality instructors and delivers fresh exercise program accessible for all abilities. Participants will be excited to try an exercise program that is exclusive and FizzyJamz® will give you the edge over your local and national competition. Our classes alone do this, purely because not every gym will offer this unique class.

Attracts a wide age range

FizzyJamz® program is designed for all ages and abilities. Our mission is to inspire a fitter generation, by creating a group exercise program that provides fitness for everyone we can help make a bigger difference. Music is our key ingredient, by incorporating a mega mix of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and todays floor fillers this ensures variety and motivation for participants.

Building social groups

We focus on building social groups within your organisation so participants are encouraged to commit to the full program to achieve their fitness goals and build effective relationships.
We know that if a participant is part of a social group, it will increase engagement and wellbeing.

Prices and packages

To receive our latest prices and packages, simply complete the form in the Jam Information section and we will email you the information.